Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee playing his Fender Jazz Bass

Geddy Lee Weinrib is a Canadian bassist best known for being in the legendary rock band Rush.


Born on 29 July 1953 in Toronto to his polish born parents, Mary and Morris Weinrib. His father was musically talented and passed away when Geddy was only 12.

He started with music at 10, playing drums, clarinet and trumpet. He got an acoustic guitar when he was 14 and took up piano.

In 1968 Geddy joined his childhood friends band Alex Lifeson as lead singer and bassist. They started out playing in bars, cafes and high school dances. They released their self-titled debut album in 1974. In the same year, drummer Neil Peart joined, and they went on their first U.S tour.

In 1976, Rush’s fourth album 2112, gave them their first taste of commercial success. Geddy introduced synths into their music. This created an iconic orchestral progressive rock sound.

Geddy released his only solo album My Favourite Headache on November 14, 2000.
In January 2018 after 41 years together, Lifeson confirmed Rush as disbanded. In 2013, Rush were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 1996, Geddy was awarded Officer of the Order of Canada.

Geddy has influenced and is influenced by Les Claypool. Cliff Burton and Steve Harris have also cited him as inspiration.


  • Rickenbacker 4001
  • 1969 Fender Precision
  • !972 Fender Jazz
  • Steinberger L2
  • Wal MK II & 5 String Wal
  • Orange AD200 Heads
  • OBC410 4×10 bass cabs
  • Sunn 2000 S
  • Ampeg SVT
  • Sansamp RBI
  • Tech 21 Sansamp RPM
  • Palmer PDI-05 Speaker Simulator


In his early career he used mainly Fender Precisions. 1975 to 1984 Rickenbackers were heavily featured and then gradually ceased. He used Wal from 1985 to 1992. Geddy mainly uses Fender Jazzes, his favorite is his black 1972 bass. His basses are usually modified with a BadAss bridge.

From the early 2000s Geddy moved from traditional setups and got rid of cabinets putting his amp through the PA live with in-ear monitoring. He is currently using orange amps. He splits his bass into multiple amps; one with high treble, gain and the other clean.


He uses Rotosound Swingbass Stainless Steel 66s .105-0.50 and he changes them every show.


Geddy doesn’t use a pick, to get his twangy sound he uses the edge of his nail and plays hard. He primarily uses his index finger, adding in his middle finger for complicated passages. Geddy sometimes use a flamenco style technique with his index flicking the string up and down.

Notable Tracks

Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres
A Farewell to Kings, 1977
Moving Pictures, 1981
Malignant Narcissism
Snakes and Arrows, 2007

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Pic By  Shipguy [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

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